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The VISION of the ICN is to have a  support center for Indians settling in The Netherlands to get acquainted with other internationals and with the local population.


The Mission of the ICN to ensure to provide them for all information related to Netherlands Formalities and other information like Tax ,Visa ,Rental Terms , Indian store, Cities , Tours information and More.


The objectives of the ICN are as follows:

  • Point of contact or support center for new arrivals into Netherlands.
  • Hub for information to people of Indian origin on various issues such as House Rental or Purchase,Tax ,Visa, Jobs, related matters and other issues
  • Support Indians in initial settlement who are moved for the work.
  • Support to make them comfort by speaking with people in various Indian languages.
  • Maintain a contact database for Indians living in Netherlands for faster communication back and forth on Events by the different community and more.
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Great effort, for great motive. Helping Indians.

Shivantika Srivastava Shivantika Srivastava - Hilversum - The Netherlands

Its nice to be a volunteer at the Indian Help Center.It gives me immense happiness that i am of some help to my people living here.

Viswanath Viswanath - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

I had to research so much to get information regarding Indian shops and other information related to India , but then when i see all the neccessary information in the ICN website, it is greatly appreciated. I am sure it will be a boon for an Indian Expat.

Aarthi A Aarthi A - Zaandam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands


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