ICIN Support to Students with Eindhoven Councilor (CDA)

Miriam Frosi Eindhoven Councilor – Help to International Student

In recent interaction of ICIN President Vishwanath NG with Miriam Frosi Eindhoven Councilor (CDA) about the trouble faced by the students and shared how ICIN in association with ProvisionHop – Online Indian grocery helped few Indian Students also shared the overview of the survey report conducted by ICIN with Indian Students, which survey showed about major concern on the tution fees so ICIN President requested Miriam Frosi for help to share the request to Eindhoven Council to have look at the students fees waiver as there is big impact to students due COVID19.

Miriam Frosi have added few more points to it which received to her from many other International students about the concern due to COVID19 by International Students and the same was sent to Eindhoven council and awaiting for the response.

In the meanwhile Miriam Frosi bring many organization together to support the students, In recent where she had discussion with ICIN and Eindhoven News to join the hands to support the students together for more students.

There is meeting planned by Eindhoven News with Miriam Frosi and ICIN team to discuss the next step to support the International students

We will update soon on this subject once there is response from Eindhoven Council and /or after the meeting with other organization on next step of action to help the students.

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