Dance & Music

Indian Dance
Indian dancing is a way of communication using the body as a medium. The expressions of dances are perhaps most developed, yet easily understood.
There are a number of classical dance forms such as ‘Bharatnatyam’, ‘Kathak’, ‘Kathakali’, ‘Kuchipudi’, ‘Manipuri’, ‘Mohiniyattam’ and ‘Odissi’ each representing the culture of a particular region of the country.

Indian Music
As in dance, the nine emotions are basic to the Indian music. The ‘raga’ the basic musical mode is rendering the seven musical notes. ‘Tala’ binds the music altogether. With the help of tala and shrutis the musician can create numerous variations in feelings.

Basically there are two dominant styles of music in India; the South Indian Carnatic music and the North Indian Hindustani music. Through the styles are distinct, many features and underlying philosophy are the same.

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