Indian Language Book in Eindhoven Central Library – First Time in Netherlands

Indian Language Books in Dutch Library – First Time in Netherlands initiative by ICIN

ICIN is Proud & Happy to Announce that after long effort finally we are approved to place our “🇮🇳 Indian Language Books” in Eindhoven Central Library for the first time in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and this is a very proud movement for all.

➡️We have got the space to place 100 to 500 books 📚 for the age up to 12 years of multiple Indian Language books & these books will be available from April 2022 for the public to read/borrow books.

➡️To make this a great success we need suggestions/support by donating the books.

Looking forward to your support, For more information feel free to contact us

Please find some Q&A to make it easy in understanding how it going to work also how everyone can contribute to this drive.

We must submit our first set of books on April 1st week to the library and it needs to be wrapped with a good book cover and a sticker of the organization on the book need to be placed before submission as per the instruction from the library.

So, we have planned to submit our first set of books on 1st April 2022 of 100 books that will carry multiple Indian Language books.


What is the age group of books we need to submit, and do we have any restriction of books type?

  • At the First slot we must submit the book for kids up to 12 years it can be in any Indian language
  • No Restriction book type but it should be easy to read for kids, so we can submit cartoons and history and some education books which will help kids.
  • During the submission period in later slots, we can submit for all age groups.


Is there any last date to submit the books?

  • We have received the timeline of April to June 2022 to submit the maximum number of books in slots
    At the first slot we need to submit 100 books minimum
  • To submit everyone contribution to ICIN please submit before March 10th as we need to wrap/sticker the books, so we need time to complete the task before we submit it to a library, but still, you can submit the book for future slots and max end date will be Mid of May 2022

How can we contribute and where?

  • You can contribute the books to ICIN by sending the books to the provided address
  • If you do not have books to contribute but still want to be part of it by contributing an amount to ICIN for procuring the books from India you can do so, you can contribute money as per your wish to mentioned account NL08 INGB 0008 6482 02
  • People from Eindhoven can contribute the book at ProvisionHop – Winkelcentrum Woensel 350, 5625 AG Eindhoven
  • You can suggest the book Click Here
  • Other locations can post/parcel the book to the above address till we find a SPOC & address for other cities – We are working on it and we will share the details soon

Can I join as a volunteer for this drive?

  • Yes, you can join as a volunteer as we have a lot of work to do for submitting the books like wrapping/stickering & Inventory management of the books.
  • The location will be Eindhoven and you can do it in your free time at your place or at our place
  • You can pick up the books/sticker and wrapper from us to do this from your home if you would like to do it at your home

Whom to contact for any question or query?

  •  You can contact ICIN at +31 6 11412111



2 thoughts on “Indian Language Book in Eindhoven Central Library – First Time in Netherlands

  1. Nice initiative and a great way to create awareness of India’s rich culture. Is this initiative still on and can we contribute in 2023?

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