The VISION of the ICN is a support center for Indians settling in Netherlands to get acquainted with other internationals and with the local population.


The Mission of the ICN to ensure every single issue facing by Indian for settling / settled in Netherlands is addressed in the best possible manner and
guide them for other service (Tax / Visa Information / Rental Terms / Business Setup / Indian store / Tours information and More)


The objectives of the ICN are as follows:

  1. Point of contact or support center for new arrivals into Netherlands
  2. Hub for information to people of Indian origin on various issues such as House Rental or Purchase / Tax / Visa / Jobs, related matters and other
    Support Indians in initial settlement who are moved for the work
  3. Support to make them comfort by speaking with people in various Indian languages
  4. Maintain a contact database for Indians living in Netherlands for faster communication back and forth on Events by the different community and