School Rule and Regulation


  1. In principle, abide by the rules of Salto School in a school to learn frolicking happily relieved to belong.
  2. Students actively cooperate with the teacher’s advice and do their best to enjoy school life.
  3. Do not use cell phones in the classroom during class.
  4. In the event of repeated violations, the principal and the parent will be interviewed by an interview with the teacher in charge.
  5. All students are expected to enter the classroom 10 min before the batch time
  6. Absence – If your child is expected to be absent, please inform your teacher. School staff will be notified of any unexpected absences. If you are absent, call or email us in advance. If you are absent more than 3 times, you will be dropped out.
  7. Leave early – Inform your child’s teacher in advance, and apply to leave school by email or phone. At the time of leaving school, the classroom teacher will send the student to the school office at a pre-determined time for early departure with the parents.
  8. Student damages to building or other property of the school, or injuries to a fellow student, the parent of the offending student is responsible and compensated. In our school, all staff members below the school principal will make every effort to ensure the safety of their students and nevertheless, school staff are not responsible for any accidents that occur.
  9. If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please contact us in advance to have a conversation outside of class. Please refrain from entering the classroom
  10. At least one parent must be present at school events (opening ceremony, on-campus and off-campus events, presentations, etc.). Parents are encouraged to participate in all other events on and off campus.
  11. Please keep be on time to school and help the class to start and end at the mentioned time
  12. Students are required to bring textbooks, notes, and writing utensils to school and are permitted to bring other materials for class. However, personal belongings, valuables such as valuables, non-classwork-related toys, or dangerous objects (bars, weapons, etc.) are prohibited.
  13. Explain the importance of disaster evacuation drills to those who gathered at the gathering site by setting a date for evacuation drills, and it took some time for everyone to exit the building, Talk about it and finish your training.
  14. The school schedule may change depending on school conditions.
  15. Please note that the school rules and documents may be added or changed according to the situation of the school operation

The rules set forth above may be changed as determined after the board meeting acceptances