Buying a Property

We can freely buy a house in the Netherlands, but you should know the Tips and Tricks of the Dutch housing market before buying you home in the Netherlands.

Whether you’ve just moved to the Netherlands or already well-established, you may want to consider the benefits of buying a home in the Netherlands. No restrictions are placed on Expats for buying a house in the Netherlands.

Should you rent or buy in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a high proportion of social housing and rent controlled housing. Both are often restricted to low-income renters, which can make finding a property harder. There are tax benefits for home owners and mortgage costs are often lower than rent, however as the transaction costs of buying a house are around 6 percent and the property market is in flux, it is recommended you rent if you are new to an area or planning a stay of three years or less.

As Indian (expats) allowed to buy property in Netherlands ?

The Netherlands does not place any restrictions on the purchase of property by expats, whether resident or non-resident.

Finding a property to buy

You can visit the below websites for buying a property.

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