Supermarkets & Shops

When you move to new place you do not know anything about the Shopping terms and location in local place so we give a little guide on the same. In Netherlands there are many shopping center / Shopping area and Supermarket.

Markets in The Netherlands

Once or twice a week, each town or district in the Netherlands will hold an open-air market. It will often take place in the center or the market square.

Market opening hours

Most markets will start doing business at around 8 or 9 A.M. A few might not get going until 1 P.M, so check online before you go! They typically close between 4 and 6 P.M .There are very strict rules surrounding starting and finishing hours at the markets. Salesmen and women will refuse to sell you their goods 15 minutes before ‘opening time’. They do not want to compromise their spot on the market!


Chains Operating Across the Netherlands

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