Benefits & Allowances in the Netherlands

The Nethetlands provides several types of benefits for their citizens and residents in the Netherlands, This type of benefit is called a ‘toeslag’ in Dutch.

There are four types of ‘toeslag’ benefits:

*Health-care allowance (zorgtoeslag), a contribution towards your monthly health insurance premiums

*Child budget (kindgebonden budget), a contribution towards the cost of raising your child or children

*Housing benefit (huurtoeslag), a contribution towards your rent

*Childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag), a contribution towards the costs of childcare

Am I Eligible?

*Do you have health insurance

*Do you live in rented housing, or you have children’s

Then you may be eligible for a benefit to cover the cost

How can Apply

Applying for benefits You can apply for a benefit online via the Mijn toeslagen section. To apply for benefit you will need a DigiD.

The ‘Mijn toeslagen’ section is only available in Dutch. You can also call the Tax Department. They can make an appointment for you at a tax office or refer you to a benefits service point.

They will help you with your application. If you apply for a benefit, you must have a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). which you have received from local municipality.

For more details and to apply for the benefit visit website