Health Care System

The Netherlands has a very high standard of healthcare which is rated among the best in the world.

The Dutch healthcare system is divided into three ‘compartments:’

  • Basic and essential medical care from GP visits to short-term hospital stays and specialist appointments or procedures
  • Long-term care for chronic conditions
  • Supplementary care e.g. dental work, physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures

Basic and essential medical care from GP

GP doctors (huisarts) in the Netherlands are the first point of contact if you have a health complaint that is not an emergency. who can be visited directly. Other kinds of specialist treatment (e.g. cardiologist, neurologist) will need a doctor's referral.

Once you arrive Netherlands you need to register you and your family with the nearest GP at your location. Residents are free to register with any doctor in the Netherlands of their choosing, although Dutch doctors are permitted to refuse patients if they are fully booked or if the patient does not live locally.

Doctors in the Netherlands work either independently or in small private groups. There are GP practices in all residential areas.
Doctors’ fees in the Netherlands are covered through health insurance for all the residents, Non-residents and temporary residents (People staying in Netherlands less than a year) can be exempt from taking Dutch health insurance but will need to be covered by private medical insurance.

To visit the GP in the Netherlands, you need to have appointment and in some emergency case you can drop by calling the GP

Long-term care for chronic conditions

The 2006 Health Insurance Act (Zvw) constituted a fundamental reform, which replaced the former dual system of public and private health insurance with a single mandatory scheme to ensure access to essential curative health care for all residents. It also aimed to improve the quality of care and reduce health care expenditure by strengthening market mechanisms in the health care system and promoting competition.

In the Netherlands, improving the continuity and quality of care for people with chronic conditions has been a major objective

Supplementary care

This cover additional care for person like dental work, physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures. There are many local clinic provide the service. You take the appointment when you plan for any of the additional care