Expat Exchange Facility / Passport Service

Exchange of Driving License

You can drive with Indian Driving license for first 6 months from the date of entry to country after which the Dutch License is required to drive the vehicle

Persons with a Indian driver’s license can exchange for Dutch Driving license the details are below

  • If your driver’s license was issued in India, you can exchange your driver’s license for a Dutch license within 6 months after registering in the Netherlands.
  • If you are a highly skilled migrant who is benefitting from the 30% Tax Facility, then you and your family can exchange your driver’s license(s) for a Dutch driver’s license.

How to exchange a driver’s license
Visit to Nearest Municipality office or GBR office and request a ‘geschiktheidsverklaring’ (State of Capability) form. This form costs vary as per the municipality. Complete the form.

Note: The form is in Dutch,

Post this form in the enclosed addressed envelope. Do not forget a stamp! In a few weeks, you will get a ‘Certificate of Fitness’ in the mail from the CBR. Take this form with you to your local town hall, along with the following documents:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof that you qualify for the 30% tax facility (letter from the tax office)
  • You will need to pay the cost it varies as per municipality.

The Town Hall will send your package of items to the RDW (Rijksdienst van het Wegverkeer). You will get a message concerning when you can collect your Dutch driver’s license at Town Hall (between 2-3 weeks). Take your passport with you to collect your new driver’s license! Your original driver’s license will not be returned to you.

Or Visit the CBR website click here to apply log in with the Digi ID and fill out the form also you pay fees online and print a copy.

Later make an appointment at your nearest municipality and submit the form with the above-mentioned documents

Next Step: Gemmente will provide you the application photocopy and receipt ( Keep them safe ). Once your License is Granted in 2-4 Weeks you should get an Invite Letter in the Mail.

You need to again make an appointment with the Gemmente to pick up your License.

Take the Documents provided by Gemmente and the letter that you have received from RDW.

The Original Indian Driving license can be collect after 6 months from the VFS Den Haag office by filling out the request form for a license.

How to apply

1. Applications for Collection of Indian Driving License may be submitted at the VFS Center in The Hague(Parkstraat 99, 2514 JH The Hague, Netherlands) or Amsterdam (Travelport Building, Radarweg 501-545, 1043 NZ Amsterdam) The submission of the application in person is only possible by appointment (appointment).

2. Applicants seeking Collection of Indian Driving License service may visit. https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/apply-consular-services for details.

Processing Time – Minimum 4 -6 working days from the date of receipt of application at the Embassy.

Passport Service

Do you need a New Passport due to Expiry of Passport / Out of Page or if you have lost the passport then you can get the passport can be done in the Netherlands

  1. All applications for a Passport may be submitted at the VFS center in The Hague (Parkstraat 99, 2514 JH The Hague, Netherlands,) or Amsterdam (Travelport Building, Radarweg 501-545, 1043 NZ Amsterdam). The submission of an application in person is only possible by appointment (https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/book-an-appointment). Re-issue of passport applications (Except Minor, Newborn, Lost, Damaged, Appearance Change, Name Change, Signature change which includes affidavit) may also be sent by post to The Hague VFS Centre.
  2. All the applicants seeking passport services may visit the link https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/  for further details.
Passport Issue/re-issue


Passport Issue Newborn


The usual processing time is 4 weeks. Please refrain from making inquiries during this period.

Renunciation/Surrendering of Indian Citizenship

Indian Citizenship Act does not provide for dual citizenship. As per the Passport Act, all Indian passport holders must surrender their last Indian passport to the Consulate immediately after the acquisition of foreign nationality. It is an offense under the Citizenship Act and the Passports Act for foreign nationals to hold Indian passports. Once the Indian passport is surrendered, The Embassy of India, The Hague will cancel and return it to the Passport holder along with Renunciation/Surrender certificate. The Embassy will not be in a position to render services like OCI, Visa etc. until Renunciation Certificate is submitted.

1. Those who have acquired foreign nationality after 01.06.2010 may apply for Renunciation Certificate online on the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) website https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/

The applicant has to click on “Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship under Section 8 of the Act Made by a Citizen of India who is also a Citizen or National of another country”
Instructions and details regarding the application can be seen in the website link given below;


Applicants need to upload these documents on MHA portal:-

Indian Passports including expired one (Please upload both front and back page of the passport), address proof (utility bill, bankpassbook, extract from municipality etc) and proof of payment of fee.

2. Those who have acquired foreign nationality before 01.06.2010 may apply for Surrender Certificate on the link https://portal3.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html

3. For minors also please apply for Surrender Certificate on the link https://portal3.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html apart from mentioning names in parents application.

4. Applications for Renunciation and Surrender Certificate (print out of the online application form) may be submitted at VFS Center in The Hague (Parkstraat 99, 2514 JH The Hague, Netherlands) or Amsterdam(Travelport Building, Radarweg 501- 545, 1043 NZ Amsterdam). The submission of application in person is only possible by appointment (click for an appointment). This service can also be applied by post. Please see the link to avail service by post.

5. Applicants have a choice to pay applicable Fees at MHA website or pay offline at VFS. Please note, for both choices applicants still need to pay Mandatory ICWF=2€ and applicable VFS service + optional fees while submission.
If payment done at MHA website:
Payment proof corresponding to the MHA application reference number MUST be provided along with the application form.
If application is found erroneous after review by VFS/Embassy of India then no change is possible on that application, new application form with corrected details and new payment proof corresponding to the new application reference number
is required.
Hence, applicants are advised to fill up application carefully as there cannot be any refund possible from VFS or Embassy of India for any payment(s) done on MHA website.
If Applicant chooses to pay offline / Unable to pay online at MHA website:
applicant needs to pay the applicable Embassy Fees in addition to VFS Service charges

Please see link for documents Link

Please see link for fees Link

Minimum 4 to 6 working days from date of receipt of application at the Embassy for surrender certificate on PSP portal and 60 to 90 days for MHA portal application.